Size Chart

The sizes given below are designed to assist when ordering limb or body protectors.

Approved by SGS Yarlsley International Certification Services Ltd European notified body number 0120 – A division of the Societe General De Surveillance Group. Arnold’s ‘Frontline’ and ‘Advance’ ranges of limb protectors carrying the ‘CE’ mark satisfy the legislation covering personal protective equipment and enable purchasers and police forces to comply with the requirements of the police (Health & Safety) act 1977. Body protectors satisfy the requirement of British Standards BS7971-8 and BS 7971-4.

Sizes available in the Arnold personal protective equipment range are as follows:

Limb Protectors - Frontline
Limb Protectors - Advance
Limb Protectors - Prime
This range is available in one size in each product category and fits up to sizes are now shown as follows: (The exception is product ALK3 Lightweight Shin/Knee Protector which is available in 2 sizes as shown).
  • Shin Protector - Shin length 310mm       
  • Shin & Knee Protector - Shin length 310mm
  • Forearm & Elbow Protector - Forearm length 205mm
  • Thigh Protector - Thigh length 330mm
  • Upper Arm Protector - Upper Arm Length 180mm

It is recommended that purchasers give consideration to the requirements of prevailing EU and National legislation embodying health and safety of employees and use of personal protective equipment in the workplace and the potential effects of these regulations on purchasing choices, when choosing between the ‘Prime’ range and the ‘Frontline’ or ‘Advance’ ranges.

Body Protectors - Advance  (CE marked to BS 7971-8 & 7971-4)
Size 1: ‘Medium’ ‘M’
Stature: 158 – 170 cm
Waist- to-waist (over the shoulder) Length 84-90 cm
Chest: 92-100cm
Waist: 92-100cm

Size 2:  ‘Large’ ‘L’
Stature: 170-182 cm
Waist – to – waist (over the shoulder) Length 90-96 cm
Chest: 100-108cm
Waist: 100-108cm

Size 3: ‘Extra Large’ ‘XL’
Stature: 178-194cm
Waist –to –waist (over the shoulder) Length 96-102cm
Chest: 108-116
Waist: 108-116

Body Protectors - Prime

One Size
Stature: up to        cm
Waist to waist: (over the shoulder) up to     cm
Chest: up to    cm
Waist: up to    cm

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