Arnold’s have been manufacturing batons since 1984 and this range of products has earned an enviable reputation for reliability and longevity. It has withstood a number of fashion fads for other types of baton products.

Manufactured from rigid black nylon rod or tube depending on type, the range is available in lightweight or solid versions and in a choice of lengths to suit various operational requirements.  With high impact strength and long term fatigue resistance the Arnold baton range is known for its outstanding toughness.

The range is split into two types of baton:
  • MP - 2 versions 
  • AB

 + Accessory Baton Holder

Batons - MP
Available as a solid or hollow baton, (or truncheon) featuring a rubber grip and rubber ring for locating into a belt holder.  A woven nylon cord thong as a wrist loop is located at the handle in various lengths and weights, depending on whether solid or hollow and also as extra long lightweight for use by horse-mounted sections.
MP Type Standard (Solid) Baton

MP Type Lightweight (Hollow) Baton
MP760LW760mm(Mounted Police Baton)
MP835LW835mm(Mounted Police Baton)
MP(Mounted Police Baton) With Handguard

Baton MP Range

 MP Range

Batons - AB 
Available as a solid baton (or truncheon) only featuring 4 machined knurled grooves as the grip and can be supplied with or without a rubber ring for locating into a belt holder:
A woven nylon cord thong as a waist loop is located at the handle end.
Available in various lengths and also with knurled grooved grips at either end for double handed use for restraining crowds.
AB Type Standard (Solid) Baton
AB40 (without belt holder ring)  
AB70 (without belt holder ring)  
AB70R (with belt holder ring)  

Baton AB Range

Batons - Baton Holder


This holder manufactured in black webbing is specifically designed for the Arnold range of batons.  Suspended from the belt, the steel rim and leather press-studded retaining strap hold the baton securely.  The holders are manufactured to required belt width so please state belt width when ordering.


Baton Holder




 Baton Holder


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