Arnolds manufacture and supply a wide range of personal protective equipment accessories.
Some of the products are manufactured by Arnold’s and some by other manufactures, all backed with the Arnold’s seal of approval for quality and performance.

However, if you have a particular accessory that is not detailed on our website let us know and we can either manufacture specifically for you or source it from our worldwide network of supplier contacts.

Standard range of accessories:

• Helmets
• Helmet Visors
• Gloves
• Boots
• Foot Protectors
• Shield Holdalls
• Baton Holders


Guardian MK1
Guardian MK2

Guardian MK1
This helmet meets the penetration and exceeds the impact level of BSEN 1869. The fibreglass shell of the helmet has a flexible fire retardant gellcoat layer and a painted finish which resists fading. The lining is made from impact absorbing polyurethane foam and is flame retardant. The visor is in 3mm thick shatterproof polycarbonate and the helmet also comes complete with a flexible neck guard which offers protection against any impact to the back of the neck. 
The helmet is available in 6 sizes.
Guardian MK2
This helmet is the very latest version of the Guardian Riot Helmet and meets the latest Home Office scientific development branch's 21/04 standard for Riot Helmets. This standard was designed specifically for the Riot Helmets and includes tests to ensure protection against:
- Impacts from hand - held blunt weapons.
- Penetration by a sharpened spike or knife.
- Flames and burning liquids.
- Pellet impacts on the visor (6mm diameter steel ball at 200 mtr/second).
- Blunt trauma to the visor.  
- Solvents sprayed on the visor.

The helmet is available in sizes 52cm to 64cm. 

Helmet Visors

Manufactured from transparent polycarbonate material and thermoformed to shape.

Produced exclusively to customer’s specifications and subject to minimum quantity requirements.

Material thickness can be varied from 2mm to 6mm thick depending on application. With a ballistic specification, a laminate of transparent acrylic and polycarbonate is created, for many other specifications a single layer of polycarbonate is used.

Arnolds have free design and technical service to assist with design and specification of helmet visors.

Arnold's visors are currently used on the Guardian range of helmets in use with numerous police forces throughout the UK and Europe and also extensively with tactical firearms units and land mine operatives.


Supplied by Arnolds, selected from Haix Footwear range, Europe’s largest manufacturer of footwear for the police and fire services.

There are three styles of boot in the Arnold’s Haix range:





 No Photo

Superb quality European made public order boot.
Full specification available upon request, available in sizes 3-14.

Excellent quality lightweight general purpose boot.
Full specification available upon request.
Available in female sizes 3 to 9 and male sizes 5 to 12.
Also available in special outsizes 12-15.
Lightweight leather/nylon Patrol Boot.
Full specificaton available upon request.
Available in sizes 3 to 12 and special outsizes 12 to 14.


Gloves - Public Order
Supplied by Arnolds the M Series public order gloves. This top selling range of public order gloves are designed to give maximum protection whilst providing the wearer with dexterity and comfort.

The M Series of public order glove features:
• Constructed from 0.9mm hardwearing goatskin leather
• High-density foam padding to the back of the hand, knuckles and fingers
• Palm area of left hand left unlined to allow greater dexterity and feeling
• Flame retardant NOMEX thread used throughout
• KEVLAR reinforcement to the palms and facings of the fingers.
• CE marked.

M300 Gauntlet

• Includes high density foam forearm protection
• Velcro Adjustable wrist/forearm
• Can be worn over forearm limb protectors
• BS7971-6 : 2003 type 2 level 3 approved.

MS320 Glove

• Elasticated wrist gives a good seal against liquids
• Short cuff ensures compatibility with forearm limb protectors
• BS7971-6 : 2003 type 2 level 3 approved

MS200 Gauntlet

• As per the M300 with addition of aluminised carbon fibre membrane extending along the side of the glove from the tip of the little finger to the cuff giving increased protection against flash burns petrol bombs exploding at the feet.
• Membrane conforms to EN407, EN367, & EN366.


M300 Gauntlet


MS320 Glove





Gloves - Firearms

• Close fitting leather glove with unlined palm and finer facings to give maximum dexterity. The back of the glove has thermal insulation – except the trigger finger, which is completely unlined.
• Animal leather – water resistant and PCP free.
• 3M thinsulate 709 thermal insulation
• Cotton fleece comfort lining to the back of the hand and around the wrist
• Extended cuff
• Sizes S,M,L & XL

• With elasticated wrist

• With Velcro fastening



Firearms Gloves SG60E


Firearms Glove SG60V




Gloves - Duty


• Leather glove thinsulate lined especially made for dog handlers or patrol officers
• Size: S,M, & L

• Classic soft leather uniform glove
• Sizes: S,M,& L

• Lightweight close fitting neoprene patrol officers glove
• Sizes: S,M,& L


Duty Gloves X136


Duty Gloves X170


Duty Gloves N100




Foot Protector

Shown also in the Limb Protection category Arnolds produce foot protectors to be used in conjunction with limb protectors. Available in two ranges:
  • Frontline
  • Prime
Foot Protector - Frontline (AMT)
Constructed from high impact ABS thermoplastic moulding with impact absorbing ribbing and further lined with impact absorbing foam laminate, giving excellent protection to the top and sides of the foot. The outer skin being aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. The protector is designed to be worn in conjunction with the Frontline ALK2 Shin/Knee Protector.
Available in 4 sizes.
Weight  range per pair -   161gms to 200gms dependant upon size.
Also referred to as Metarsal Protector - see Limb Protector section.
Foot Protector - Prime
Constructed from high impact ABS thermoplastic moulding, lined with impact absorbing foam, thus giving good protection to the top and sides of the foot. Recommended to be used with the Prime range AL1, ALK2, & ALK3.

Holdall - Shield
A standard stock range of holdalls are available to fit the round shields in the Arnold range, but we can custom make holdalls for any shield size and shape in our range, contact us for details.

Manufactured in black cotton or nylon the holdall has a durable zip fastening with carry handles and can be overprinted with “POLICE” markings.

The Arnold range of holdalls, are ideal for ease of transportation by individual officers and as a protective covering for the shield.

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